Jai shri ram

Best Paranormal Expert Consultant

Best Paranormal Expert Consultant

Ghosts Spirits & Haunting’s .

What are ghosts, spirits & haunting’s? What are the different types of these entities? So we can make things easier to understand, let’s briefly talk about our universe, dimension & plane of existence. If we have a better understanding of our surroundings, we can better understand these phenomena and how it’s possible for ghosts, spirits & haunting’s to exist in our world. Scientific facts and leading theories are great places to start.

The Universe The universe is made of energy. Everything around you is energy when broken down to it’s purest form of subatomic particles including yourself. Energy cannot be totally destroyed, it just changes form. When you are born, a spark of energy brings you into this world, and within our universe are other dimensions or planes of existence. There are many doorways to these worlds and black holes will soon prove this. Astro physicists agree black that holes exist and we now have the technology to create them with particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva. A black hole is a perfect example of how anything is possible in this universe because all the laws of physics go out the window when you reach the center, which is called the Singularity. Leading scientists agree the singularity is a very likely place to enter another dimension or plane of existence. This gives a great argument that doorways to other worlds do exist and how such phenomena like ghosts, spirits & haunting’s are scientifically possible on our dimensional frequency in a universe made of energy.

Everything in this Universe has energy
Everything in this Universe has purpose
Everything in this Universe is connected.
There are 7 basic types of haunting or Ghost: intelligent, residual, demonic, demonic possessed Intelligent human entity, poltergeist, shadow people, and elemental’s. Its very important to identify and diagnose correctly the exact type of activity and provide the remedies thereafter.