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Tarot Card Reader

Tarot cards, sometimes called “the book of divination of the gypsies,” are known traditionally as a deck of 78 cards with various pictures on them. They have been used for hundreds of years to reveal hidden truths about and foresee the future of the person receiving the card reading. There is much speculation over the origin of tarot cards. Did they really originate with the gypsies, or did they come from medieval Europe? Others have maintained that tarot cards came from China or ancient Egypt. A few decades ago, tarot cards were instantly associated with gypsies, but today the cards are just as popular among occultists and New Agers. Whatever their origin, there doesn’t seem to be any argument that after being introduced to Western Europe in the 14th or 15th century, their use has spread, and today they can be found all over the world.

Those who believe in tarot and have their cards read regularly say that the readings help them prepare for the future by not only revealing truths about their lives, but also by divulging secrets about people all around them. Experienced psychic tarot card readers claim that they are the only ones who can deliver a truthful reading and caution against just reading interpretations out of the book that comes with the cards. In order to get the best reading from the cards, the one who desires the reading must concentrate on the cards with the psychic reader, and the psychic reader helps that person make contact with the cards and put their own “special vibration” on the deck so the cards will reveal all their mysteries.

Tarot cards fit in well with the New Age movement that is so prevalent these days. New Agers use certain practices or methods to “get in touch with their inner spirits,” and tarot cards can be a perfect way for them to channel their thoughts and connect with the “Oneness of the Universe.”

The term crystal gazing denotes several different forms of a variety of objects, and there are several schools of thought as to the sources of the visions seen in the crystal gazing trance. Crystal gazing may be used by practitioners—sometimes called “readers” or “seers”—for a variety of purposes, including predicting distant or future events, to give character analyses, to tell fortunes, or to help a client make choices about current situations and problems.

With respect to the tool or object used to induce the crystal-gazer’s trance, this can be achieved with any shiny object, including a crystalline gemstone or a convex mirror— but in common practice, a crystal ball is most often used.